This Is How Nissan Plans To Take On The BMW i3

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But will anyone buy it when it's released?

Electric vehicles are becoming more advanced in terms of range and reliability. Tesla has its Supercharging network all over the US, Mercedes-Benz gave us the SLS AMG Electric Drive a few years ago to show that supercars won't go anywhere, and the BMW i3 can have an internal combustion engine for an extra bit of range. It seems that Nissan wants to compete with the range-extended i3 because the Japanese automaker will unveil a new electric car with a gasoline engine range extender in 2016. There is no name for this new model as of yet.

There is no news regarding whether it'll replace the Nissan Leaf or be a completely new model, either. Yoshi Shimoida, Nissan's deputy general manager, EV and HEV engineering division, told Motoring that "in the future Nissan will add [a new vehicle] to the line-up of EV systems an engine that is only for generating energy." This means that the car will not be like a hybrid and the engine will have no direct connection to the wheels. The Nissan Leaf can travel around 170 miles on one full charge so we expect this new model to travel around 200 miles per full charge, if not farther.

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