This Is How Not To Drive A Tesla Model X Into A Garage

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Remember to close those wing doors before entry.

There are two things the Tesla Model X has that most crossovers don't, aside from its all-electric drivetrain. Those would be its falcon-wing rear doors. While they look cool, they can be a bit problematic in certain situations, such as narrow parking spots. But like any car door, they must be closed before the vehicle goes into motion. It's common sense. Typical of Tesla, these doors have an automatic closing system, though many owners have complained this doesn't always work. Fortunately, there is a way to turn off the automatic function, but drivers should still always check for certain. This driver clearly forgot to do that.

It all begins when the driver pulls into her driveway and opens the garage door. Her two kids open the rear doors and walk into the garage while the Tesla remains parked on the driveway.

Once everyone is out of the way, the mother slowly enters the garage, though she neglected to check whether the rear doors were closed. Unfortunately, one had been left open. What went through her head the moment she heard a very loud bang? Did she immediately realize the door had been left open? It doesn't matter now because the damage has been done. And ever so conveniently, the owners have an indoor garage security camera that filmed the entire incident.

Their daughter also proved to be social media savvy by creating a YouTube channel specifically to upload that video for the world's entertainment.

How badly damaged is the Model X's door? The metal on top appears bent and there's probably also damage to the mechanism. Given Tesla's reported slow technical repair service record, this is going to be a very inconvenient thing to fix.

What's the lesson to be learned here? Don't count on technology. Just close the damn car door yourself.

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