This Is How Not To Drive In Thailand

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Watch this American girl take out 13 cars driving the wrong way down roads in Thailand.

Panicked by the thought of spending time in the "Bangkok Hilton" or something worse, this 29-year-old American girl was captured on camera driving her Toyota like an absolute maniac in the Thai seaside town of Pattaya, leaving 13 vehicles wrecked and causing the police to shoot out her car's tires. According to Coconuts Bangkok, the crazy blonde started her vehicular assault by clipping a motorbike after driving the wrong way down a road. As you'll see in the video, she then continued driving against the traffic, colliding with 12 vehicles and a bus in the process.

The damaged car owners joined the police on a thirty-minute chase around town, before armed force was used. Officers then smashed through the passenger window to arrest the girl who had locked herself in the car. She was taken to the police station in cuffs, where she paid a heavy fine and agreed to pay for all damages.

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