This Is How People Deal With Carjackers In Brazil


These lowlifes picked on the wrong guy.

Certain parts of Brazil suffer from some of the worse gun violence in the world. Despite not knowing where this scary incident occurred, it's a safe bet it was in one such part of the South American country. The video begins with a guy arriving home, parking his car in the garage. With the garage door closing behind him, a gang of carjackers manage to sneak in just before they close. You fear for the driver's life as one of the thugs pulls out a gun, but the situation changes in the flash of an ejected bullet.

Before the carjacker has fully opened the door, the driver fires off a couple of rounds, knocking the thief into the garage wall. He then chases off the rest of the crooks with some rapid fire. Only adrenaline could have enabled the would-be carjacker to stay on his feet after being shot at from such close range. Unless, of course, the whole thing was staged.

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