This Is How People Of The World Are Configuring Their Ford Mustangs


An alternative way to spread American influence.

For the first time ever, the Mustang is available at European Ford dealerships. Many have been waiting their whole lives for this to happen, unless you live in America of course. But for Europe this is a huge deal, and now Ford has released data on how those buyers are configuring their Mustangs. In the first month alone nearly 500,000 new Mustang models were configured on official Ford websites. Altogether, more than 1.1 million Europeans visited Ford Mustang websites from mid-January to mid-February. But how are those cars being configured?

EcoBoost-powered Mustangs account for half of all configurations, while the other half were specified for the 5.0-liter V8. No V6 engine option is offered in Europe. The most popular specification overall, 37 percent, was the EcoBoost model paired to a six-speed manual. What's more, manuals accounted for two-thirds of all models specified. For the Mustang's five largest markets - UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain – the V8 was most popular in the UK (57 percent) and Germany (60 percent). The EcoBoost was most popular in Italy (61 percent), Spain (59 percent), and France (55 percent). And the most popular colors? Race Red and black, each accounting for 20 percent in those countries.

By comparison, black is the number one color in the US and in China it's Racing Red. Speaking of China, more than five million people there have checked out the Ford Mustang site. For the interior, Ebony leather was chosen by 61 percent of Europeans, and 28 percent of those configured models also opted for the Custom Pack, featuring upgraded audio, climate controlled seats, 19-inch alloys, and side window chrome surrounds.

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