This is How Powerful the Camaro Z/28's Brakes Are

They literally rotated the rims inside the tires a full 360 degrees.

Yes, the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is a wonderful thing. As the current generation Camaro begins its final run before a replacement arrives next year, consider the Z/28 sort of a going away present. A grand finale, if you will. And even as Ford is busy promoting its completely new Mustang, Chevy is still having a grand old time telling the world just how insanely awesome is the Z/28. Along with last week’s explanation of the "Flowtie," Chevy is back with yet another video explaining the Z/28’s brakes.

Basically, it was discovered the tires were slipping on the rim during hard braking and acceleration. That’s not good. So the solution was media blasting, which involves shooting a gritty material through an air gun at the wheel's surface, adding texture to the paint for the tire to grip.

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