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This Is How Rolls Royce Does Cars & Coffee: With Cognac

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Because coffee is far too common for rich Rolls-Royce customers.

Originating in California in 2006, Cars & Coffee events have become a popular staple of car culture and have resulted in many mangled Mustangs. But can you imagine rich Rolls-Royce owners turning up to one? No, neither can we. Recently, Rolls-Royce hosted a much classier take on the traditional Cars & Coffee meetup, because coffee is a far too common beverage for its wealthy customers. Instead, the luxury automaker held the world's first "Cars and Cognac" meet, in what the automaker describes as "the Rolls-Royce of car meetings."

While it's just as opulent as you would expect from an event hosted by the world's leading luxury automaker, Rolls-Royce says the event was still inspired by California Car & Coffee meets. But rather than taking place at a random parking lot, Rolls-Royce owners gathered at the swanky Soho Farmhouse hotel and member's club in Oxfordshire, UK. Guests enjoyed an evening of fine dining followed by Cognac tasting in a private farmhouse barn. There were only three cars on display, including a Phantom with a built-in picnic hamper stocked with Cognac ready for tasting. A Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge was also on display adorned with the new Aero Cowling alongside another Dawn from the new Adamas Collection.

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Owners were even chauffeur-driven home in a Rolls-Royce to reduce the risk of accidents happening like we've seen in Car & Coffee events. "The 'cars and cognac' meet demonstrated the wonderful spirit of our customers as well as their deep passion for the brand," said Julian Jenkins, Regional Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. "This evening was reflective of the rich dialogue between Rolls-Royce and its patrons; a truly unique and extremely rare relationship, one which we are privileged to nurture."