This Is How Seat Could Crack America

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Certainly a step up from the Leon Cup touring car, don't you think?

If you've read our various "Cars That America Missed Out On" articles you'll know there are a lot of cars that don't make their way over to the States. In fact, quite a few companies aren't represented in any capacity in the USA, and the one we'd most like to see is the Spanish car maker Seat. It's a firm with a fascinating history and a great back catalog of cars, with perhaps the most exciting being its contemporary Cupra-branded hot hatchbacks and racing cars. And its the latter that inspired this design study: the Seat Voila.

The name is a bit bizarre - 'voila' is, after all, a French word! - but the car itself is quite intriguing. Penned by Andres Nadal Mir as part on an internship placement at Seat, the Voila is a quasi-successor to the Formula Nacional junior single seaters - the Spanish equivalents of today's USF2000 cars. The Seat Voila was also designed as part of the firm's 'Seat Vision' initiative, of which the end goal was potentially bringing to fruition a Seat Vision Gran Turismo concept car. As such a car hasn't been announced by Seat or the Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital, it's safe to say the Seat Vision initiative didn't pan out as expected. That said, we did at least get out of it a batch of sketches and renders for a pretty badass Seat racing car design study.

Fingers crossed this Seat does find its way into a Gran Turismo racing game at some point - it would be a shame to see such a project left perennially in limbo, and we'd love to see how this little Seat would fare against the Vision Gran Turismo racers designed by the likes of Bugatti, Mazda, Alpine and Hyundai.

Above all else, having a brilliant Seat to muck around with in a racing game would probably get people really excited about the brand - which, in the best case scenario, would convince Seat to set up shop in the States, and thus mean we get access to all the ace hot hatchbacks it makes. It's a win-win situation for everyone, and we really hope we aren't the only ones praying for such a scenario to become reality.

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