This Is How The BMW i8 Roadster Will Be Better Than The Current Coupe

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And why you'll want one.

After too many years of waiting, BMW will finally unveil the production-spec i8 Roadster in late November at the LA Auto Show. The i8 coupe has been on the market since 2015, so it's only natural the new topless version will come with some nifty technical updates. BMW Blog has learned that perhaps the most significant update will be extended all-electric range. Supposedly, the i8 Roadster (reportedly its official name) has double the coupe's battery capacity, meaning it can go further without requiring a recharge.


This makes sense because we already knew BMW was working on improving the i8's overall power pack that will see total output increase to around 400 hp, up from 362 hp. Remember, a lot has happened with battery tech since 2015, and BMW is acutely aware of the rise of new rivals as well as the continued R&D work of existing ones, such as Mercedes-AMG. In short, the 2018 i8 Roadster needs to keep things afloat for the next few years until its eventual, and very likely all-electric, successor arrives. In the meantime, the i8 Roadster will also reportedly feature revised chassis tuning, updated iDrive and a full array of safety assistance systems.

A new color will also debut, Electric Copper. And let's not forget this: the soft top, which folds into the rear seats, can open in 14 seconds at speeds up to 37 mph. More details will hopefully arrive before the i8 Roadster's debut, so check this space because BMW is about to begin the car's marketing campaign.


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