This Is How The Ferrari Monza SP1 Should Be Driven

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Nico Rosberg gets behind the wheel of the $1.8-million Ferrari Monza SP1.

2019 was a landmark year for Ferrari, because as many as five new models were revealed, including the Roma, Portofino, F8 Spider, 812 GTS, and the SF90 Stradale. Considering all of these new supercars, you would be forgiven for forgetting about the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 speedsters.

Revealed at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, the Monza SP1 and SP2 are based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast and inspired by historic Ferrari race cars from the 1950s. Both are powered by an incredible 6.5-liter V12 engine producing 809 horsepower, which is the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 Ferrari has ever produced.

Nico Rosberg / YouTube Nico Rosberg / YouTube

Production is limited to less than 500 examples, so we very rarely get to see these stunning Ferrari speedsters in action. Luckily, former F1 driver Nico Rosberg recently took a trip to Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello and got a chance to take the Ferrari Monza SP1 single-seater for a spin around the Fiorano test track.

The Ferrari Monza SP1 is worth $1.8 million, but that doesn't stop the former F1 driver from pushing the rare supercar to its limit. Rosberg remarks how "the power is aggressive," forcing him to wisely increase the traction control. Watching the Ferrari speedster get put through its paces in the hands of a professional racing driver is a glorious sight.

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"I really enjoyed visiting the Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari Museum with all the history: Epic Ferrari classic cars, impressive Ferrari F1 cars, and the fastest and most powerful Ferrari Hypercars," Rosberg said. "In between, I visited the Ferrari manufacturing line - such an amazing experience to see the 488 Pistas right from the production line! Afterward, I went to Fiorano - the Ferrari test track - for some incredible hot laps in the 1 of 160 Limited Edition Ferrari Monza SP1."

Both Aston Martin and McLaren are also making rival cars to the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 with the McLaren Elva and the upcoming Aston Martin V12 Speedster.

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