This Is How The Ford GT's 5 Driving Modes And Active Aero Work

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All, except for Wet, sound pretty awesome.

All things considered, Ford has done a pretty good job keeping the details of its new supercar under wraps. Sure, we have seen a ton of the new GT, both testing and at auto shows, but what do we really know about it? Aside from basic engine specs, not a whole hell of a lot (that's not entirely true). Thanks to Road and Track (R&T) we now know a bit more about its five drive modes: Wet, Normal, Sport, Track and Vmax. R&T was granted exclusive track time with the GT to play with its drive modes and active aero.

Let's start at the bottom with Wet, which, as the name suggests, provides maximum traction in adverse driving conditions. ABS and traction control are both on high alert and the car stands a full 120 mm above the road. The suspension is set to Normal by default but can also be swapped to Comfort. The throttle response is toned down. Going up to Normal gets the ABS and traction control, throttle and transmission out of the safe space provided by Wet. This is the default driving mode. Once you move up to Sport things get a bit more interesting. The dampers stiffen up and the GT's anti-lag feature goes to work. ABS and traction control get a little looser and the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission shifts gears more aggressively.

The GT's massive rear wing stays shut in Sport mode and shutters on the nose open up to divert air away from the supercar's downforce channels. Those shutters close once Track mode is selected. In Track the rear wing rises, and with the shutters closed the Ford is suddenly a rolling downforce machine able to stick to the track at stupidly fast speeds. In this mode the suspension drops by 50 mm and the wing functions as an air brake. Should you want to set an insane top speed record you'll want to cut drag, which means you'll have to enter Vmax mode. In this mode the front shutters close and the wing tucks back into the body, although the ride height and suspension are unchanged from the settings of Track.

Raj Nair, Ford's CTO, wouldn't tell R&T how fast the GT would do in Vmax mode but he did say that the speed would exceed 200 mph. The other good news is that the awesome rear wing will raise even if you aren't in track mode. In Normal mode it pops up at 90 mph and goes back down at 81 mph. In Sport it pops up at 71 mph and down at 45 mph. If you want to peacock in the parking lot you can raise the wing all the way up when parked. Damn, we can't remember the last time we got this excited over drive modes. The new Ford GT is going to be one hell of a car.

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