This Is How The Lamborghini Huracan Beats A 918 Spyder In The Quarter Mile

It's not the ride. It's the rider.

Yeah, you already know what we’re going to say: On paper the Porsche 918 Spyder should whoop the Lamborghini Huracan’s ass in a drag race. Both have all-wheel drive but the 918 Spyder has 887 horsepower and 944 lb-ft of torque on tap. The Huracan “only” has 610 horsepower and 412 lb-ft of torque coming out of its 5.2-liter V10. But remember what Lucas Black famously said in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drfit.” Ahem, it’s not the ride. It’s the rider. So true.

That means that on a good day and with a good driver the Huracan can hold its own through the quarter mile. Porsche fanboys may be pissed by this race but lovers of naturally aspirated engines and Lamborghinis will count it as a win.

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