This Is How The Ram Rebel TRX Will Beat The Ford Raptor

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Like the SRT Hellcat twins, Ram's TRX Raptor-fighter will have specially-tuned drive modes.

As Fiat Chrysler's Ram Truck division continues to get the Hellcat-powered Ram Rebel TRX ready for battle with the Ford F-150 Raptor, new alleged technical details have emerged that shed some light on how it'll make a play for off-road dominance. More specifically, Allpar purports to have spoken to some FCA insiders who have shared a bit of info on the rugged, high-performance truck's adjustable suspension and traction management system.

Like the Dodge SRT Hellcat twins - the Challenger and Charger - and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, the forthcoming Ram Rebel TRX will have selectable drive modes custom-tailored to facilitate myriad different sorts of performance driving.

Ram Trucks
Ram Trucks
Ram Trucks

But unlike those cars, the Ram Rebel TRX will be an off-road focused machine. Naturally, then, its selectable drive modes will be suited primarily to off-road driving. We imagine modes tuned to support rock crawling and desert running are a given, along with a normal and wet/snow mode. How many other modes might be on offer is unknown.

What is known is, broadly speaking, how those drive modes will function. Allpar reports that each will alter parameters such as the steering weight, throttle calibration, transmission calibration, stability/traction control, and suspension tuning to suit its stated goal.

Ram Trucks
Ram Trucks

Some of these drive modes will be further tunable by the driver, but some will be locked, Allpar has learned. As for what sort of adjustable suspension equipment the TRX will pack, that remains to be seen - whether the high-performance off-roader will use air springs like some existing Ram 1500 models, and whether it will pack electronically adjusted dampers like Dodge's SRT Hellcat models.

The Ram Rebel TRX can't come soon enough. The truck was first shown as a 575-horsepower concept way back in 2016, and drivers have been patiently awaiting its launch ever since. The production version of the truck is expected to look an awful lot like the concept, with an aggressive, vented hood with a power bulge, an imposing ride height, and plenty of rugged cladding.

Ram Trucks
Ram Trucks
Source Credits: Allpar

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