This is How to Breathe New Life into a Datsun 240Z

It's called adding a turbocharger.

Of course the guys at Roadkill are behind this, and they just so happen to have some of the greatest jobs ever. Well, for gearheads at least. Several months ago the Roadkill crew bought a rusted out 1971 Datsun 240Z for a measly $500. At first this may seem like a complete waste of money, but where one sees garbage another sees potential horsepower. After getting it all fixed up, the 240Z was put in an autocross competition, and it broke. It actually lost to a Kia Rio.

That’s both shameful and unforgivable. So now the Roadkill guys are making another attempt to get this old 240Z into proper shape – by adding a turbo. And unlike some of their other creations, this one is actually a pretty sturdy build. Can the now turbo 240Z beat the living crap out of that Kia? Check out the video to find out.

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