This is How to Build Your Porsche Exclusive Garage

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It's not enough to simply restore Porsche's to their former glory; they must also have somewhere they can be proud to call home.

Everyone should have a project on the go; whether to keep distracted from the toils of the daily grind or whether you have run out of ideas of how best to spend your personal fortune, a project is simply good for the soul. If you're looking for inspiration then check out this Porsche mancave; built to house a collection of classic 911s by a Swiss Porsche collector and restorer who transformed the back of his garden into a beautiful Porsche garage. His wife must be thrilled.

Apparently his hand was forced after being unable to find a suitable warehouse to rent for his beloved cars, and the first step was to come up with a crude design on a Sketchup program. The Porsche collector from Geneva went for a traditional roof with a visible wooden structure, three barn-like wooden doors painted in the perfect shade of period green, and thermal insulation to keep the cars nice and toasted during the winter months. The garage certainly does the cars justice, and there's even space for a 1970's Honda 125 Ihatovo that looks good enough for a museum.

Perfectly complementing the trio of 911s, the classic bike sits snuggly beside a 911T Targa, 911 ST and 911S, as well as plenty of Porsche memorabilia and other essentials. The 911S is often regarded as the best of the classic mainstream 911s, noted for being fitted with a discreet spoiler under the front bumper for improved high-speed stability; while the 911ST was only produced in a limited number from 1970 to 1971. Engines for the car were either 2466cc or 2492cc, rated at 266hp, which combined with a sub-1000kg weight made it a fierce competitor at the Daytona 6 Hours in 1972 as well as the 1000km Nurburgring and Targo Florio.

All three cars, including what looks like a beautifully restored 911T, are in pristine condition and now have a suitably gorgeous garage to call home.

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