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This Is How To Convert Your Toyota Tacoma Into A Mobile Home

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Advanced construction methods make it the lightest and most aerodynamic design ever.

Leentu has just announced what it claims to be the world's most lightweight and aerodynamic pop-up camper. The design is definitely a departure from the norm and instead of being a massive structure that is permanently welded onto the load bed, the pop-up camper features ultra-lightweight sandwich construction for the camper shell and weighs in at under 150 pounds. That is way below the 800-pound average of fiberglass or sheet metal alternatives, and, if you go for the carbon fiber camper shell, the weight drops to below 100-pounds and it comes with an integrated 60w solar panel that is an option on the standard model.

Both models come with a weatherproof marine grade tent, LED interior and exterior lighting, lofted bed with high-density foam mattress, USB charging port, 120v AC receptacle, 12v aux port and a ventilation fan. Installing the Leentu can easily be done by two people and removing it is just as simple. The setup can be raised in seconds once you reach your destination and its low prolife and light weight will hardly affect the handling and performance of your pickup.

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The company has chosen to go with the Tacoma initially as it has been one of the top-selling mid-sized pick-ups for over a decade now. By designing the first pop-up campers to fit post-2005 long-wheelbase Tacomas, they hope to have a large enough customer base to get a decent number of orders.

Pop-up campers for the short wheelbase Tacoma should begin in 2019 with other truck models such as the GMC Canyon/Chevy Colorado and new Ford Ranger being added later. Deliveries for existing orders should begin in the fourth quarter of 2018. Prices start at $10,295 for the standard camper and go up to $13,995 for the carbon fiber model, while new pre-orders qualify for a 15% saving.