This is How to Drift up a Mountain in Brazil

A trio of Nissans focus on going sideways to entertain high-octane-loving Brazilian onlookers.

According to the badly translated text that accompanies this awesome drift video, a Brazilian team that go by the name CWB Motoring organized a hillclimb on a 6-kilometer stretch of the Campo Largo Mountain, which the internet informs us is in Parana. In between races, spectators were treated to an awesome display of drifting under the guise of a police chase. The cops were in a black and white Nissan Silvia, and the robbers were trying to escape in a Nissan Silvia and 350Z.

There isn't much separating the burning rubber-loving onlookers from the smoking tires, and it's that intimacy between spectator and driver that makes road races – and drifting exhibits – like this so enthralling. The fact it's taking place on a Brazilian mountain just adds spice.

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