This Is How To Embarrass Yourself And Your Car At A Track Day

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Clearly there are experts for everything.

No one ever said driving on a track is easy. But that doesn't mean we can't still call out the guys who spin their cars out, in some cases several times, and laugh while dirt flies around the cabin destroying a beautiful and all-too-expensive interior. Honda S2000s don't make driving very easy either. They may have a 50/50 weight distribution, but something's going on with that suspension to cause oversteer that sneaks right up on you. With the Miata, it's a little harder to understand with so much less power. That and the Miata makes driving piss easy.

At least when these guys spin it's a dry day so when they're sitting at the side of the tarmac they aren't getting rained on. It's also damned entertaining to see dudes spin out their S2000s and Miatas in front of Ferraris. We're not sure what's up with that guy in the Miata though. He may be seeing invisible cars.

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