This Is How To Make A Mercedes Van Look Like Something You Might Actually Want

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The Carlex crew could even make a Trabant look wicked inside.

At Carlex Design, things must always be interesting. With the company specializing in custom interiors that can make even the best offerings from a niche sportscar manufacturer look a little tame, it's not limited to what jobs it can take on. Tuners that offer engine upgrades or exterior enhancements usually have a set package tailored for a specific car, but Carlex can apply it's skills to anything from a Mini Cooper to a Nissan GT-R. This Mercedes follows the firm's recent Toyota Tacoma project.

With just about any tool at the company's disposal, it can also offer custom exterior parts, like full body kits. In this Mercedes-Benz Vito van one of these kits sees fitment and comprises of a reworked front bumper with wider air dams that feature a lime green trim line that draws your eye in. Around the sides we see some lower skirts added and round back the bumper sees an almost sports-style diffuser that features an exit on each end to give the Vito a quad tailpipe setup. The lime trim is also found along the skits and on the front fender wings. While the company doesn't mention it, the Vito certainly looks to have a lower ride height, although that could well be the illusion from the body kit.

Inside is where the Vito really shines, instead of the transporter model from Mercedes, it looks more like an AMG-designed place with the best leather used to cover the seats and the door cards. The steering wheel sees a white leather insert and the gear gaiter has been matched to it. The pattern worked into the seats is fat and chunky, durable-looking even, but great. The stitching follows the usual Carlex trend of being matched to the lime green trimmings splashed around the interior. We're always impressed with what the company creates, and just when we think we'd be stumped as to what would need an interior re-work, the company releases something left field. Next we'd like to see a Carlex 911 R...

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