This Is How To Make Ordinary Cars Extraordinary

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A little creativity can go a long way.

Our favorite graffiti artist Rene Turrek has had a busy end to the year with a couple of color-changing projects. This gorgeous Jaguar F-Type received a Union Jack themed paint job, and was created for one of Rene's discerning clients. The second project, #thedarkside, was created on a Lexus NX crossover with an obvious white and black theme featuring a stunning Joker design on the hood and Stormtrooper graphics on the side. Like his previous efforts, the color changes in line with temperature.

Rene was inspired by the Lexus commercial 'The Darker Side of Green' from a few years ago. He created his artwork for Lexus Germany in his hometown of Osnabruck, spraying in the showroom to the delight of passersby. It took a sleepless 26 hours to complete from start to finish.

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