This Is How To Perfectly Shift Your Gears

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Learn how to beat anyone off the line.

When you want to pull off as fast as possible, you're either racing someone on the track or pulling away from the lights hoping to be faster than the car alongside you. It's not really a race but you just have to be in front. The problem is that all cars are different and will pull away at different speeds, but if you take the time to do some math on the subject, you can learn how to launch your car and then shift through the gears properly to give you the maximum acceleration possible. This follows on from explaining the fastest 0-60 mph that horsepower and physics allow.

But some of you may need the Engineering Explained, like we did. If you want to master what your car offers you, which is a way of being able to drive faster without spending money to do it and instead use what you've got, click play.

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Getting things exactly right may see you getting the better of a bigger, more powerful car off the line, and even if you get just a few cars ahead, you can appear to be kicking ass because catching up is that much harder to do. Following the video, if you work out exactly when to shift gears you'll be keeping your wheel torque as high as possible, which on many cars is at redline, but to get it as exact as possible, you'd need a dyno run so you have the actual torque figures. One thing to consider is that with some cars the power drops off before the redline, but according to this math it doesn't really matter. You can always just skip the math and fit nitrous or boost and you're guaranteed to have faster acceleration.

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