This Is How To Ruin A Perfectly Good Subaru BRZ

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Kill it with fire.

The JDM car scene is bigger than ever, and while some people are paying huge amounts for classic Japanese sports cars, others are snapping up cheaper modern cars such as the Nissan 350Z and Toyota 86 and turning them into pieces of dubious art. The new Toyota GR86 is fresh on the scene, and we've already seen some outlandish body kits being planned for it, but with prices for the first generation 86 and Subaru BRZ at an historic low, some fans are going crazy. This BRZ, hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii is owned by a young man named Aquilla and combines the Japanese styling cultures of Shakotan with some bosozuko madness, and the end result is something that you'll either love, or want to burn to the ground.

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In the video, Aquila can be seen driving around the beautiful Hawaian island at a very slow pace, avoiding every bump and sharp turn in the road. Combining all these styles has left him with a car that not only looks like it's broken, but is basically undriveable. The insane amount of camber turns every pothole and speedbump into a possible death sentence for this poor Subaru, but hey, at least people can stare at you and shake their heads in disapproval. Because that's what it's all about. What makes matters even worse is that this car hasn't even been treated to an air suspension system, instead it rides on static lowered suspension, which takes its impracticality to a whole new level.

The exterior also features dubious styling elements such as three-foot-long, angled exhaust pipes, a massive front splitter, huge fender flares, stretched tires, and a duckbill rear spoiler. Then there are the 18x12 Work VXX wheels sitting in the front corners and 18x13 wheels in the back with a negative camber of 63. Adjustable lower control arms and adjustable camber plates keep things as low as possible.

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The interior looks like the aftermath of a Tik Tok tween's 12th birthday party and the naturally aspirated 2.0-liter boxer engine remains untouched, as is the case with most stance cars. Aquila claims that the car can't go over 65 mph, which is a travesty for a car that was built to go fast around corners. The car modification scene is full of whacky creations, and each owner is entitled to customize their car as they please, but this is one trend that needs to die a quick, yet painful death. Sorry Aquilla.

Barcroft Cars/YouTube Barcroft Cars/YouTube Barcroft Cars/YouTube Barcroft Cars/YouTube

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