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This is How Volvo Plans to Make its Big US Comeback

We're rooting for you, Volvo.

It’s been a tough few years for Volvo, but at least it’s not going the way of its now former Swedish brand, Saab. And now Volvo has revealed its US revival plan at this year’s LA Auto Show. For starters, the Chinese-owned premium brand will complete a renewal of its entire product range in the next five years. There’ll be a particular focus on its dealer network, world first engine and (of course) safety technologies, as well as a new management team and increased market spending.

The arrival of the all-new XC90 seven-seater SUV and the V60 Cross Country Wagon, both of which are now having their live debuts at LA, will help lead the charge. The bottom line is that Volvo needs to completely reverse a 10-year trend of crappy sales in the US. The goal in the near future is to sell 100,000 units per year, as it had done in the past, instead of the 60k forecast for this year. Volvo President Hakan Samuelsson stated that his company "is in the US to stay. Not only will we stay, we will prosper. We sold over 100,000 cars a year in the US in the past. Our initial aim is to get back to that level and in the longer term surpass it." We’re rooting for you, Volvo, because we’d hate to lose yet another historic carmaker.

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