This Is How We Configured Our Dream Audi R8

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First off, we went with the V10 Plus.

After watching Audi's Super Bowl commercial for the R8, we're sure you're itching to configure your own version of the V10-powered supercar. To provide you with meaningful breaks between your workday, Audi has just put its configurator up for the R8 V10. Depending on what type of performance you want from one of the best everyday supercars, you can also configure the R8 V10 Plus, which costs roughly $27,000 more than the base V10. While that may be a whole sports car more, the V10 Plus is capable of keeping up with its more exotic twin.

Our dream R8 would of course be the V10 Plus at $189,900. After choosing the more ferocious supercar, there aren't a lot of options to choose from. The new R8 looks incredible in any color, but Vegas Yellow caught our eye and since it's one of the few colors that isn't extra, it's the one we'd have. The interior of the supercar is fitted with racing shell seats as standard or sport front seats for roughly $5,000 more. While the sport seats look comfortable, we'd pocket the $5,000 and take the base racing shell seats in Rotor Gray. A Bang & Olufsen Sound System is the only option we'd tick, which comes in at a reasonable $1,900. What's the total for our dream R8? A steep, but sensible $191,800. Let us know what your perfect R8 would look like.

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