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This Is How William Shatner Boldly Spends His Retirement On Earth


Or has Captain Kirk gone somewhat bonkers?

Normally we don’t dabble in trikes, but the Rivet is no ordinary three-wheeler. For one, it’s got 500 horsepower and a look straight out of a comic book about the apocalypse. Oh, and it was co-designed by William Shatner. That’s right, Captain Kirk and the Priceline Negotiator helped design this insane bike. American Wrench, a custom motorcycle company based in Aurora, Illinois, will be the shop that brings this thing to life. Who knew Shatner was a gearhead?

According to Shatner, the Rivet will be powered by a supercharged V8 engine made entirely out of aluminum. It will produce 500 horsepower and work with a drivetrain sourced from the Cadillac CTS-V. The engine specs are nice, but the design is what will really turns heads. Simply put, nothing on the road will look like the Rivet. Its plush seat and insane rear lights will draw the most attention, as will its control system comprised of two levers. Shatner claims the bike will be ready this summer and the actor plans to ride it from Chicago to Los Angeles. Good luck with that one, Captain Kirk.

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