This Is How You Can Get A Jaguar E-Type Roadster In Time For Christmas


There may be some assembly required though.

We've been seeing Lego in the news and round the web quite a bit lately. From that insane world record achieved by the folks over at Land Rover to that wicked spot on the Lego Ideas website where someone's creation of a Mk1 Golf may become reality. This has prompted many return visits to see what other motoring-inspired creations are being pitched to Lego for possible production. There are many cars, some would be only be cool for teeny kids, but others are simply awesome.

We spotted a Bugatti EB110 that did look sort of like it should, albeit a little simple. Then we spotted a really cool one of a 1985 Porsche 911 Turbo, but as cool as it is, the offering available from Lego already does look better. We'd still like to see it hit production though. There was a really cool Honda NSX that's just been posted, and that too is something we'd buy if a kit was available, but the coolest new idea we came across is that of Jaguar's timeless E-Type Roadster. The E-Type is one of the most iconic cars from the manufacturer and a clean example is sought after by collectors the world over, some of them fetching some pretty serious money too, like a whopping $21,000,000 serious.

Ozzyeatingbats added this Jaguar to the site and it's on the way to gathering the required 10,000 votes for the company to consider it for production. On the site he says; "I'm glad to introduce one of the most significant vehicles of the 20th century - the Jaguar E-Type Roadster 2 series! Considered one of the most beautiful and stylish cars in the world. I would like to emphasize the following features: in-line 6-cylinder engine, terrible suspension (coming soon), and elegance of forms vs. the angularity of lego. The total amount of bricks is 1664. The scale is about 1:10, 20 studs wide and 54 long. I hope that I've managed to deliver this idea with the help of Lego." Fingers crossed sir, fingers crossed.

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