This Is How You Drive The Mercedes G-Class Through Mud

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Follow these tips and you'll be just fine.

On the one hand, the all-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a pure luxury SUV that'll easily cost you over six figures. Then again, at its core, it's really a hardened off-road, capable of going just about anywhere. So in many ways, it's the ideal vehicle, assuming you can afford one. The redesigned G-Class still bears all of the design styling hallmarks of the original and it's even a bit hard to tell the two apart at first. But what Mercedes refused to change are its off-road capabilities.

This was not a case of switching to some car-based platform, slapping an SUV-like body design on top and calling it a day. No, the new G-Class had to be hardcore no matter what. It has to be able to go anywhere on any terrain, even if it's something as seemingly simple as mud.


And here's the thing with the mud: one can get stuck very easily and quickly, that is if they're not in the proper type of vehicle. Sure, most SUVs can manage their way out but the new G-Class is guaranteed to get this done. Jessi Combs, former host of Spike TV's "Extreme 4x4" was asked by Mercedes to demonstrate how to tackle a wet and messy obstacle course in the new G-Class.

First things first: don't even bother trying without low-range gearing. Just don't. Combs then explains the next step to beating the mud, turn on the center and differential locks, both standard features. The differentials will distribute power to the wheels as evenly as possible in order to prevent slippage. They also keep the tires turning at the same rate.

And if there's one mistake some drivers do it's this: driving either too fast or too slow through the mud. It's best to keep a steady pace because going too slow can get you stuck, while going too fast one can lose control. Combs' mud-beating tips may come in handy not only for G-Class owners, but for any 4x4 driver. But at least with the new G-Class you're guaranteed to emerge from the mud – if you follow her instructions.


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