This Is How You Prove You're One Big Bad Hoonigan Badass

Of course, there are a few rules.

There’s nothing like doing an awesome burnout. There’s also nothing quite like pissing the hell out of your Prius-owning neighbor by doing said burnout. So why not do both? At the same time you can get the chance to win an honor only true hoonigans will appreciate. Sound like a good opportunity? Well, that’s because it is. Welcome to the Burnout Kings Challenge, presented by Hoonigan.com. Think you’re the most badass of the badasses out there doing burnouts?

Can you do the most epic burnout without harming any innocent bystanders (meaning hoon responsibly)? If so, then you’ve got to check out the contest announcement video ahead. Full instructions and details - including prizes for the winner - are revealed. Happy hooning, everyone.

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