This Is How You Steal 7 Audis From A Garage And Get Away Scot-Free

Watch as seven Audis are stolen in one night by one bold group of thieves.

Car security is violated on a new level in this video, taken from an Audi dealership service center in San Francisco. The beginning is something from an "Indiana Jones" movie as the outside gate lowers and the thieves run in underneath it, gaining access to the garage in the process. From there the thieves are seen walking around with flashlights surveying what's up for the taking. They're a little sloppy, though. Why didn't they consider the cameras at the dealership?

The heist seems elaborate as the thieves enter their chosen vehicles through the trunks and find some way to start them up and then drive them off of the lot. The thieves have yet to be caught. If you ask us, Nicholas Cage and his crew from "Gone In 60 Seconds" must have been involved.

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