This is How You Tame the Toughest Pit at Louisiana Mudfest

You hope to get perfect weather.

The Louisiana Mudfest, considered to be the grand daddy of mudslinging events, allows mud guzzling vehicles of all shapes and sizes to compete through pits of mud for cash. The show is ideal for the crowd that just wants to kick back, tailgate and get a little dirty. The biggest challenge for the drivers would be the middle pit, which is known for it's ability to swallow the most powerful trucks in it's wake. The best way to beat middle pit? Wait for perfect weather! That's exactly what happened at the Mudfest 2014, which took place last weekend.

Fans were treated to to some pleasant sunshine and the driver's put on a good show tackling the fierce middle pit. Good times were had all around for folks that like to get a little mud in their hair. Youtube channel rekjavicxxx was on hand to catch the action.

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