This Is India's Answer To The Mercedes G-Class

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Balling on a budget.

The iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the most stylish modern SUVs out there. It's a vehicle that just gets better with every new iteration, and although some tuners have made it look rather vulgar, the good genetics of the original Merc off-roader still shine through. Those good design elements have made the G-Class inimitable, but that hasn't stopped some from trying, and the latest attempt is from India. Mixed with designs from other vehicles too, the Force Motors Trax Cruiser is the vehicle you see below, and it's quite unusual. So unusual, in fact, that it'll seat a whopping 13 individuals.

Force Motors Force Motors

As you can imagine, the cabin is a bit of a confused mess. The 10-seater version of this vehicle comes with a three-seater front row, the same in the second row, and two seats facing sideways in the back, with a little bit of room remaining for cargo. The 13-seater version, on the other hand, reverts to tradition with two seats in the front row and space for three in the second row. The remaining occupants fill the back walls of the vehicle, with four seats along either side, again facing each other. This configuration removes any opportunities for cargo volume, but the rear hatch is big enough to make getting in and out relatively easy, so at least it's easy enough to load people.

Force Motors Force Motors Force Motors

What about features? Being an Indian-made vehicle, luxury is low on the list and falls behind considerations like practicality. Thus, features are restricted to power door locks and windows, navigation, and the option of dual-zone climate control. As for power, this vehicle is propelled by a 2.6-liter four-cylinder diesel producing just 90 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. This is channeled to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual. The cost for all of this is a remarkably affordable $15,654 in our money for the cheapest version, while the priciest model costs the equivalent of $18,120. With the original G-Class starting at well over $100,000, that's quite the bargain, even if the chiseled looks are less handsome here.

Force Motors Force Motors
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