This Is McLaren's Foot-Powered Fifth Anniversary Edition P1


An alternate to alternative fuels.

McLaren is clearly having fun celebrating the fifth anniversary of its P1 hypercar. Although no additional full-size P1s will be built (production was limited to 375 examples), McLaren has turned its attention to the next generation of drivers with the “foot-to-floor” edition. Yes, it’s a toy P1, specifically for children less than three years old. McLaren previously showed off a pure-electric P1 for kids, although that was for a slightly older age group than this latest mini mini machine. But unlike that $486 P1 EV, this foot-powered one costs considerably less.

The price is just 35.99 GBP, or around $47, and sales begin in December just in time for Christmas. But what if you’re a bigger kid who also couldn’t swing the P1’s $1 million+ sticker price?

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Fortunately there are a number of other McLaren-licensed P1 models out there, such as die-cast models from AutoArt TSM, Kyosho, Motormax, Kinsmart and Hot Wheels. There’s also resin models from Amalgam, TSM and Tecnomodel and Scalextric slot cars. Not satisfied with any of those options? No problem, go for a radio-controlled P1 from New Bright, Rastar and Maisto instead. Unfortunately, McLaren didn’t specifically say whether or not the P1 foot-to-floor will be available in the US.