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This Is Mexico's 400-HP Hardcore Track Car

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The Vuhl 05RR is like a Ford Focus RS, but with more power and less than half the weight.

We thought the Vuhl 05 already looked like a rather extreme performance machine when the Mexican automaker unveiled the track-focused speedster a few years back. Then it revealed the 05RR concept and took the design even further. Now it's revealed the full specifications for the finished product, and rather than toning down the concept for production, it's amped it up even further.

Now available to order in Mexico, the United States, and across Europe, the Vuhl 05RR is lighter, more powerful, more aerodynamically optimized, and altogether more hardcore than the existing machine.

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For starters, Vuhl upgraded the 2.3-liter turbo four – a Ford EcoBoost unit like the one you'd find in the Mustang or Focus RS. Only in this application, it's been further boosted by 115 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque. Based on the existing Vuhl 05's specs, that'd give it a nice, round 400 hp and 382 lb-ft – enough not only to outclass anything into which Dearborn's slotted that engine, but propel the 05RR to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds.

Of course the engine's only part of the equation. Vuhl's also trimmed 143 pounds to drop the dry weight down to just 1,455 lbs.

That's about 2,000 lbs lighter than the Focus RS, giving the Vuhl 05RR a power-to-weight ratio of 600 brake horsepower per metric ton. The Mexican manufacturer also dropped the center of gravity, fitted a sequential gearbox and limited-slip differential, tightened up the suspension and steering, and gave it enough downforce to corner at 1.8 g.

"More exciting, more engaging and faster than ever before, this car is a real milestone in our company's development," said Vuhl's technical director Iker Echeverria. "The result is truly remarkable, a car that is devoid of restraint and an improvement in almost every area."