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This is NOT Fake: Rally Car Goes Airborne

Get ready for your daily moment of awesomeness.

For the longest time it seems that there’s been a constant desire to have flying cars. They’d be cool and all....if they worked like in "Back to the Future Part II." But if flying cars have to look like the Terrafugia, then we’ll have to pass. That thing just doesn’t look like a car; more like a small plane that so happens to also be street legal. This new video taken at the Neste Oil Rally in Finland proves that flying rally cars have been possible from the get-go. All you need to accomplish this feat are the basic laws of physics.

It may last just barely eight seconds, but this video shows a rally-spec Ford Fiesta go flying through the air at high speed. No, this isn’t a fakery. It really happened, and it’s totally awesome.

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