This is Not How Porsche Intended to Unveil The New Porsche 911

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Damn you Mother Nature!

The plan was to unwrap the Porsche 911 facelift around the time of the car's unveiling at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show. The giant sculpture outside the company's museum in Stuttgart, Germany, is also displaying models from 1970 and 1981. But having begun work on the sculpture over the weekend, on Monday strong winds ripped the cover off the new 991.2 2016 Porsche 911 and Martin Braun was conveniently standing by to take these pictures.

As you can see, the tailpipes on the facelifted 911 are closer together, and new air vents on the outer ends of the rear bumper will help the new turbocharged flat-six engine to breathe. Also note the mildly revised headlights and taillights and new LED DRL graphics.

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