This Is Not the Dodge Charger Pickup Truck We Want

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This Dodge Dakota appears to be wearing the skin of two dead Chargers.

What would you do if your old Dodge Dakota was mechanically intact, but in bad need of some body repair? If you answered "graft bits of two different Dodge Chargers onto it," we're sure a number of psychologists would love to speak with you.

We're assuming that's exactly what happened here, with this one-of-a-kind Dodge Dakota "Hellcat" build. Old American pickup trucks seem to have a proclivity for rotting out in certain areas, like around the rear fenders, so that might explain the Dodge Charger rear end that ended up being grafted on. Unfortunately, that rear end is from a different car - even a different generation - than the Dodge Charger front, which might explain some of this truck's sense of disjointedness.

Valhalla_Admin on Reddit
u/KaiserCaesar8945 on Reddit

Images of the truck were shared to Reddit's Sh**ty Car Mods subreddit, which gives us a good idea of how the good people of Reddit feel about it. It's got a seventh-generation Charger rear end and a sixth-generation Charger front, with a gold-pained hood scoop, grille, and wing mirrors.

Yeah. Yikes.

Up front sits a pair of bolt-on fender flares, which are missing from the rear wheel arches, and along the sides of the truck in some of the photos are big, bright orange Hellcat logos with matching "SRT" script.

KaiserCaesar8945 on Reddit
Valhalla_Admin on Reddit

It's certainly a, uh, "unique" look, but hey: different strokes for different folks, and there's plenty of evidence to suggest that this is a build-in-progress. Maybe it will look more cohesive as it continues to come together.

If it's a modern take on Chrysler's car-like pickup, the Dodge Rampage, that the builder is after, they might not have to wait much longer; rumor has it that FCA is working on just such a car, and it could take the form of a low-slung Dodge Challenger-based two-door with a cargo bed.

If and when such a vehicle arrives, we imagine that all the panels will be painted the same color.

Valhalla_Admin on Reddit
Valhalla_Admin on Reddit
Source Credits: Reddit

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