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This Is Not The Next Generation BMW M2 We Want

Rendering / Comments

It's missing one essential ingredient.

Right now, the BMW M2 Competition is nearly perfect. In our eyes, it's the best BMW you can buy today if driving enthusiasm is your thing. Why spend so much more on, say, an M5 if you don't need the space? The M2 Competition is everything you'll ever want and so much more. However, a major change is expected to unfold for the next-gen 2 Series.

Like the just revealed all-new 2020 1 Series hatchback, expect the next 2 Series to switch to the same front-wheel-drive architecture. The beloved rear-wheel-drive setup will be a thing of the past. In fact, the US is slated to get its first preview of this once the 2 Series Gran Coupe debuts. Although all-wheel-drive is expected, will the next 2 Series and M2 live up to expectations? Unknown.

But now we have a fairly good idea what the coupe will look like thanks to rendering artist X Tomi Design who has come up with a pretty good idea as to what we can expect. Obviously heavily influenced by the new 1 Series, it features the updated front-end look we expect to see in other future BMWs as well. The jury is still out how well this look will age. In general, we like what we're seeing, especially once the familiar M division styling is applied. But we're still concerned about the RWD replacement. You see, today's M2 and M2 Competition are known as the quintessential "drift machines." They're hard to top.

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However, BMW is fully aware of the doubt associated with the RWD's retirement and several top executives have given assurances the issue will be properly handled. For example, the latest M5 is AWD with a RWD bias and, so far, no complaints. It's even been dubbed by some as the four-door supercar. So that gives us some hope but still, we'd prefer for RWD to stick around instead.

If the thought of an AWD M2 is not to your liking and you still desire a brand new M2 Competition straight off the dealership lot, the time to buy will soon be limited.