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This Is Not The Type Of News Audi Wants

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Everything from the A3 to the A8 is involved - and not in a good way.

Audi embraces the number four like it's sponsoring an episode of Sesame Street. Its logo is made up of four rings, its name has four letters, all of its cars are at least available with four-wheel drive, and its most famous rally car was the Quattro. And now it's issued four recalls for four different model lines in its range.

The largest of them is for one of its most prolific models. Apparently certain A3 and associated models have a problematic Passenger Occupant Detection System that may deactivate the passenger-side airbag when it's not supposed to.

The problem is thought to affect certain 2015-19 A3 sedans, 2015-19 A3 cabriolets, 2016-18 A3 E-Tron hybrid hatchbacks, 2015-16 S3 sedans, and 2017-19 RS3 sedans – 138,896 of them in the United States. They'll all need to be brought in to have certain connectors replaced and cables rerouted.

The next largest of the four recalls is for the 2018-19 Q5 crossover and its performance-oriented counterpart, the SQ5, whose wheel-arch trim pieces may detach. 126,175 of the crossovers are being called in to have an extra screw fitted to secure the loose trim piece before they fall off.

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Another 23,241 examples of the Q3 crossover (MY2016-18) are being recalled as well – but only those fitted with the optional LED headlights. The problem here is that the vehicle might not alert the driver if the front turning indictors aren't working, so dealers are being instructed to update the relevant ECU.

Last and least in scope (but not in vehicle size and price) is the 2019 Audi A8 – specifically 66 of them fitted with the optional rear "relaxation seats." But it's the front seats that are the problem here, which need to have their mounting tracks replaced.