This is Not Your Typical Subaru WRX Review

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Or of any other car for that matter.

There are car reviewers, and then there's the crew of creative lunatics at Regular Car Reviews. Although we highly doubt they're racists, their latest review may offend a few. Others will just laugh and enjoy. We did. The 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX, that bug-eyed turbocharged little wonder is a car that'll always have a loyal following. The WRX STi didn't reach American shores until 2007, so the WRX received all of the attention, and rightly so.

What used to be a simple Japanese econobox that happened to have all-wheel-drive became a street legal rally car with 227 horsepower. It's not by any means a pretty car, but it definitely has a certain charm. And there's nothing racist about it (or these guys in the video ahead).

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