This is One Big Bad 1942 Willys Hot Rod

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Using your Willy will get you a lot of chicks.

It's got a 355 Chevy small-block V8 that's backed by a Turbo 350 transmission. Under its bright yellow body is a full floating Dana 60 with Summer Brothers 35-spline intakes, 4.56 gears, disc brakes and plenty of other delightful goodies. It's street legal and actually for sale at a price of just $27,000. This dangerously tempting street rod started life out as a 1942 Willys pickup but was later turned into a hot rod sometime in either 1969 or 1970.

The truck's owner later sold it in 2008 when it underwent yet another major transformation by swapping out its blown and injected 426 Hemi with the aforementioned small-block. Not very many of the original 1942 Willys pickups were built, which makes this thing even more unique. Its steel body and bed is joined with a fiberglass replica front-end, some fat rubber at the rear and skinny tires up front. It looks incredible and its price tag isn't all that unreasonable. Any takers?

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