This Is One Of The Cleanest 964 Porsche 911 Turbos We've Ever Seen

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Ares Design has created a stunning 964 Turbo.

The Porsche 911 is arguably one of the most beloved and collectible sports cars in the world, and thanks to a rich history in motorsport, the aftermarket scene for these cars is bigger than ever. The 964 generation 911 has proven to be one of the most popular to race and modify. We've seen some serious builds over the years, and Ares Design has to be one of the best at making old Porsches look better than stock. This company's approach to design and styling is a breath of fresh air in a scene where bigger is often better. Its latest creation is a Porsche 964 Turbo that looks so clean that you'd swear it came straight from the factory.

Ares Design Ares Design

The Porsche 911 964 was the second to wear the hallowed "Turbo" insignia on its rear end, and was first met with skepticism, but soon proved itself to be a true enthusiasts car. People also fell in love with that awesomely ridiculous rear wing. Ares Design's Porsche 964 Turbo has received both exterior, interior, and mechanical mods, and the end result is an OEM plus masterpiece. The exterior now features a new hood, slick ducktail spoiler, and wheels inspired by the classic Fuchs wheels of the 1970s.

Ares Design Ares Design

On the inside, this 964 features retro tartan upholstery with a houndstooth motif that speaks to Porsche's historic racing cars. To bring this classic up to speed, Ares has fitted a PCCM infotainment system, which has been specifically designed for classic Porsches. Under the hood, this car's 3.6-liter six-cylinder boxer engine has been updated with a larger turbocharger and more efficient intercooler which results in a power output of 425 horsepower. When it comes to modifying classic cars, it's very easy to detract from the essence which made the car a classic in the first place. Ares has managed to keep the spirit of the 964 Turbo alive whilst making it even better, and that takes serious skill.

Ares Design Ares Design

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