This Is One Of The Most Destructive Supercar Crashes We've Ever Seen

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A monstrous crash in Mexico left this Koenigsegg CCX completely unrecognizable.

Normally when we see photos of a supercar crash our gut reaction is to lament the loss of another rare and powerful beast. This time we're just hoping above all that the people involved in this Koenigsegg CCX wreck, which took place in Monterey, Mexico, are OK. According to GTspirit a witness of the crash spoke to one of the occupants of the car, who said they were at the hospital receiving treatment. No more info was provided but it's a good sign that a person involved in this catastrophic wreck was able to touch base with someone at all.

Photo of the wreckage making its rounds on the web, of unknown provenance.

As for the cause of the crash, would you believe it if we told you that high speeds were to blame? Apparently the CCX was going way too fast and clipped a curb which caused it to roll several times. This thing must have rolled violently as the once-proud Swedish supercar is now virtually unrecognizable. The top has been ripped completely off, as have the doors and front axle. Only 49 total CCX models were built and this certainly isn't the first one to be wrecked, although this does appear to be the most destructive crash of the bunch. This thing is definitely a write-off, but at this point its owner is probably just happy to be alive. Photos by Autos Exoticos en Mexico.

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