This Is Our Best Look Yet At The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

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Better-looking than the sedan?

The Genesis G70 may not yet have achieved the respect afforded to the more established Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series, but it's a hugely talented sedan that genuinely deserves to be part of the conversation.

That's why we were especially excited when CEO William Lee hinted at the prospect of a G70 shooting brake back in February. It's now more than just a dream because after being spied testing, some talented designers have started to create renderings of what this unique G70 could look like. Shooting brakes are hardly common, but we've seen some weird and wonderful examples of them in the past.

Nikita Chuyko/Kolesa
Nikita Chuyko/Kolesa

The latest render comes from the Russian website Kolesa, with two fresh images depicting what looks to be a thoroughly unique wagon that could steal sales from the Volvo V60 wagon. In front, the designer used photos of the facelifted G70 sedan as a reference to create a similar face with new split design headlights and a larger signature crest grille. Basically, if you've seen the face of the updated G70 sedan, you've seen this.

Obviously, things look a lot different as you move towards the back. The taillights of the 2022 G70 sedan have been retained, but the stretched rear end features a distinctive blacked-out section that makes it appear as though there is a wraparound rear window.

KooKiSung Studio
KooKiSung Studio

Similar oval tailpipes have been used on the shooting brake render, flanking a license plate that sits low down. It's certainly not a frumpy wagon and looks suitably sporty, and although the lines are a touch polarizing, sometimes that can be a good thing.

It's likely that the shooting brake will share the 2022 G70 sedan's powertrains, which would include a 2.5-liter turbo-four with 290 horsepower and potentially a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo. The 2022 G70 sedan is expected to reach our shores early next year, so we wouldn't expect to see the shooting brake anytime before then. Let's hope that the final product looks good and revives interest in a body style that has fallen out of favor due to the rise of SUVs.

Front Angle View Genesis
Rear Angle View Genesis
Frontal Aspect Genesis
Side View Genesis
Source Credits: Kolesa

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