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This Is Our Best Look Yet At The Volkswagen ID.3 Hatch

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Will VW's most important new model live up to mammoth expectations?

In just a couple of months, Volkswagen will lift the wraps off its most important new model in a very long time: the ID.3. It’s so significant that Volkswagen called it the ID.3 because it marks the third major new chapter in the company’s history after the Beetle and Golf. Volkswagen’s first fully electric car has been previewed with heavily camouflaged prototypes, but these new photos provide the most revealing look yet at the much-anticipated ID.3.

Automotive journalist Greg Kable just happened to spot a barely disguised ID.3 prototype roaming the streets of Stuttgart, Germany, and shared photos of his discovery on Twitter. "A lightly disguised @Volkswagen ID. 3 prototype just pulled up in front of my house in Stuttgart," he wrote. The prototype is finished in all-black and only has thin layers of camo disguising the front and rear fascias.

It looks sleek, sporting similar proportions to the Golf but with unique styling to distinguish it, although the design doesn’t look drastically different from the original I.D. Hatch Concept. Demand for the ID.3 has been extremely high as Volkswagen has already received 20,000 preorders for the electric hatchback, exceeding the company’s expectations. Incredibly, VW received 10,000 orders for the ID.3 within 24 hours of pre-orders opening. That’s very impressive considering the car hasn’t been fully revealed to the public yet. Let's just hope it lives up to those mammoth expectations.

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The Volkswagen ID.3 is expected to launch in three flavors, including a 45 kWh version with 205 miles of range, a 58 kWh model with 261 miles of range, and a range-topping 77 kWh model with 342 miles of range. Initially, the ID.3 First Edition will be limited to 30,000 units costing €40,000 ($44,800) and will include a 58 kWh battery. Unfortunately, VW still hasn’t confirmed if the ID.R will be sold in America, but it could potentially fill the void left by the standard Golf being discontinued in America.