This Is Our First Look At The BMW 4 Series Convertible's Interior

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What can we expect from the 4 Series drop top?

After driving the completely redesigned G20 generation BMW 3 Series, we recognized how big of an improvement it is over the previous generation. This being the case, we are excited to see what other variations of the car BMW has up its sleeve. We already know there won't be a 3 Series Wagon in the US, though the 4 Series will return in Coupe, Gran Coupe, and Convertible variants.

So far, we have only seen a few spy shots of the upcoming 4 Series Convertible being transported on a truck. From those images we found out BMW is ditching the previous generation's folding metal roof in favor of a more traditional fabric setup.

After testing a 2018 430i Convertible, we found the hard top roof to not be worth the added weight and reduction in usable trunk space. This new soft top should fix many of our gripes with the outgoing car. Along with the new roof, the new 4 Series will also borrow an interior from the recently released 3 Series sedan. This is good news, as we found the outgoing car's interior to feel outdated by 2018 standards.

Along with a series of spy shots showing the 4 Series out testing, we now have our first look at the car's interior. Unsurprisingly, the dashboard looks nearly identical to the one found in the 3 Series and the Z4. This includes an updated iDrive system, a new shifter, digital gauges, and new switchgear.

The most visible difference on this 4 Series Convertible is the addition of a button to control the roof operation located next to the electronic parking brake. Aside from the interior, we haven't gained much new insight into how the 4 Series will look. The exterior is still heavily camouflaged so we can't tell how details such as the grille and taillights will differ compared to the 3 Series.

BMW says the 4 Series will be more differentiated from the 3 Series in this generation, though the 255 horsepower four-cylinder and 382 horsepower inline-six engines should still be shared. Both the 4 Series Coupe and Convertible aren't expected to arrive until 2020, so we still have a long wait before we see them in full.

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