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This Is Our First Look At The LaFerrari Aperta Out On The Track


Finally Ferrari’s mystical unicorn shows its face in public.

We’re already starting to understand the routine automakers employ to sell ultra-exclusive multi-million dollar hypercars. The plan goes a little like this: Build an amazing hypercar, set the price of each copy equal to the budget of a small nation, and just as the millionaires are getting pissed that they were beat to the punch by the billionaires, loudly exclaim, “but wait! There’s more!” Ferrari Club Espana put the latest example of this under the magnifying glass with examples being posted to the group’s Facebook page.

It seems that the lucky group was privy to a private official shooting session of the new topless LaFerrari. While Ferrari has made no official announcement about the car, it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

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Previously images of the car were leaked by a good Samaritan who attended a private Ferrari event. The prospect of a weakened chassis and heavier curb weight may turn some wealthy bragging addicts away, but we expect Ferrari to mitigate that as much as possible. While it was uncovered that the upcoming car’s name would be the “LaFerrari Aperta,” the moniker might as well be cemented. Catch a quick glimpse of the name tag where the rear license plate should be and you’ll see "Aperta" in plain Italian. Additionally, there is another badge on the car that may lend an idea to a missing LaFerrari Aperta fact: it’s production numbers.

Near the rear wheel arch on the driver’s side, there is a badge that reads “70” with “1947-2017” scrawled underneath. Of course, this is a shout out to the 70 years that Ferrari has officially been recognized as a company, but it may also be a clue to the Aperta’s production run. No one is exactly sure what that number will be, but numbers between 70 and 200 have been quoted. More recently, we saw a fake advertisement for a LaFerrari Aperta where the ad claimed a production run of 70. Who knows, maybe it has some credibility after all. For now, sit patiently until September 29 for the Aperta’s Paris Motor Show reveal.