This Is Our First Look At The New Honda Civic

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We should see it in full next year.

During a recent product announcement, Honda confirmed that the 11th generation Civic would not come in a coupe bodystyle. Instead, the 2022 Honda Civic will arrive as a sedan and hatchback, which vastly outsold the coupe in the 10th generation. We expect Honda to reveal the new Civic in late 2021, but before we even come close to an official debut, the CivicXI Forums obtained official patent images of the car.

Thought this type of patent image often lacks texture and detail, they give us our first idea of what the new Civic will look like. Based on recent spy shots of the next-generation Civic Type R, these patent images appear accurate and specifically show the hatchback body style, which looks more svelte than the current model.

Update: The Civic sedan photos leaked as well, and are included at the bottom of the story.

The new Civic hatchback also appears to be longer and lower than the current model with a sleeker body and simplified styling. The front end lacks all of the scoops and creases found on the tenth-generation car, giving this 11th-gen model a cleaner and more mature appearance. At the rear, the boomerang taillights are gone, replaced by more traditional lights with a connected bar running across the tailgate. Whereas the previous Civic distinctly looked like a hatchback, this new model will hide its practical nature almost like a Kia Stinger or Volkswagen Arteon.

As for what's under the hood, that still remains a mystery. We expect Honda to give the new Civic some form of electrification with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engine options available on the base model. Honda already confirmed that manual transmission still factors into the company's plans, as do the sportier Civic Si and Civic Type R models. Following the closure of Honda's Swindon factory in the UK, it seems likely that the new Civic hatchback and Civic Type will roll off an assembly line in the United States.
Source Credits: Civic XI Forums

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