This is Russia's Next Humvee: ZiL Concept Army Car Looks Ridiculous

That is one seriously ugly front grille.

Leading Russian truck and heavy equipment manufacturer ZIL has revealed it is readying a new army truck for 2015, and judging by pictures of the concept it is going to look ridiculous. Commissioned by the Russian military in 2010, the Humvee will carry up to ten passengers, with power coming from a Cummins four-cylinder diesel unit that sends 185 hp via a five-speed ZF manual transmission.

Information is scarce about Russia's answer to the Hummer, but we do know the armored truck stands at 2.56 meters tall, 6.33 meters in length and weighs 4.57 tons. Inside, a series of video screens relays images taken from six exterior-mounted cameras. So, any takers?

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