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This Is Someone's Idea Of A Supercar Corvette

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This is what a wide body C8 Corvette would look like.

The mid-engine layout of the next-generation C8 Corvette has changed the styling of America's favorite sports car drastically. No longer does the Corvette need the long extended hood to cover the V8 engine. With supercar bones come supercar looks, yet the Chevy designers have kept it relatively toned down. For those that find the standard styling of the next-generation Corvette a little too toned down, there will be plenty of aftermarket firms offering body kits to satiate the needs of enthusiasts.

These images by HugoSilva Designs reveal the potential for the C8 Corvettes aftermarket, even though we're still months away from it hitting the dealerships.

HugoSilva Designs

The Corvette aftermarket has grown with each generation, and the C8 should be no different. We fully expect something like this body kit design with the wheels and tires pushed out further for an even more aggressive racecar look to hit the streets one day. It's super chiseled and aggressive and a design that could be used to send even more cool air over the brake system. The same goes for the back quarters with their huge angular flares and extra-large air intake opening.

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HugoSilva Designs
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Finally, of course, is a large rear wing. We suspect there will be a lot of those swarming the aftermarket along with exhaust systems trying to unlock some extra horsepower. It's under the hood though where we're still not sure how the aftermarket is going to play out.

GM has talked about finding ways to unlock the security on their electronics system, but nothing has been set in stone. If GM doesn't find a way of letting tuners customize their engines by the time the C8 Corvette hits the dealers, there will be a race to see who can hack their way in first.

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