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This Is The 100th Bugatti Chiron

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The 100th example of the French hypercar has rolled off the production line.

With all the hype around hybrid hypercars and upcoming EV challengers, it is easy to forget that one of the most accomplished hypercars around is still in production and remains as much a technological marvel as when it launched in 2016. The Bugatti Chiron has quietly reached the 100-car production milestone, an achievement that many of its limited-build challengers may never match. Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann reiterated how the Chiron is a "highly individualized masterpiece of automobile craftsmanship."

That's something that perhaps sets it apart most from the pretenders to the hypercar throne.These hand-crafted supercars offer top-tier performance from their quad-turbo 1479-hp W16 8-liter engines and while the pure acceleration figures are still beyond the reach of most, they may be bettered by competitors over time. Even now, the race for the highest top speed and quickest off-the-line acceleration gets ever more intense and some rivals have surpassed even the Chiron's lofty records. What competitors are unlikely to surpass is the sheer level of engineering and design complexity that makes each Chiron so thoroughly drivable and competent at any speed.

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That requires years of work that a simple increase in power cannot hope to match. The 100th Chiron left the Molsheim factory earlier this week. headed for the Arabian Peninsula. Featuring a bespoke configuration, the outer skin is made of dark blue carbon, supplied with a matt finish for the first time. Touches of red along the sides and the mink black wheels provide a visually arresting contrast. The interior is predominantly red with a fully leather-lined cabin. At current exchange rates this historically significant Chiron is valued at just over $3.3 million. While the Chiron Sport is due for limited production later this year, fewer than 6 original-spec Chiron's are produced each month and with a production cap of 500 cars, exclusivity is guaranteed.